Grid Telecom enters Lamda Hellix Data Center

A step of strategic importance for the Company
Grid Telecom enters Lamda Hellix Data Center

Grid Telecom and Lamda Hellix announce the creation of a central, protected point of presence (POP) of Grid Telecom at the Carrier-Neutral Data Center Campus of Lamda Hellix.

Grid Telecom, as a subsidiary of IPTO, manages a fiber optic network with a total length of 3,000 kilometers, which runs throughout Greece. Fiber optic cables are installed along the high voltage pylons, ensuring a very high level of service availability. At the same time, the cross-border and submarine fiber optic networks are constantly expanding through IPTO interconnections, inside and outside the country. Grid Telecom already provides dark fiber services to telecom providers, enabling them to develop their own fully protected network through alternative routes, while it will soon provide capacity services (10-100 Gbps) through its advanced DWDM network.

Lamda Hellix, as one of the largest neutral Data Center service providers in SE Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, guarantees the smooth operation of the Grid Telecom hub with full and free access to the wide ecosystem of hosted national and international providers, at Tier III & LEED Gold certified Data Center Campus. At the same time, through this cooperation, the rich ecosystem of Lamda Hellix customers and providers acquires direct access to one of the largest fiber optic networks in Greece, with a wide range of additional quality options.

The Director of Grid Telecom, Mr. George Psyrris, stated in this regard: "The new location of Grid Telecom at the Data Center Campus of Lamda Hellix makes ​​a step of strategic importance for the Company, not only because it is a safe and reliable environment for the development of our services, but also because it creates the conditions for significant synergies with our potential customers. The high standards of the services of Grid Telecom and Lamda Hellix lay the foundations for achieving our common strategic goal which is to attract large international telecom providers ".

Alexandros Bechrakis, Chief Commercial & Technology Officer of Lamda Hellix, commented: “GRID Telecom is changing the telecommunications landscape in Greece at a time of high interest for our country by major international telecom providers, cloud and CDN providers, significant increase in internal telecommunications needs due to technological developments such as Cloud, 5G and NGA. "Lamda Hellix, through the above strategic partnership, further enhances the interconnection services it offers, making the Athens Data Center Campus the most important digital interconnection hub in the wider region".

About Grid Telecom

Grid Telecom is a Greek company founded in January 2019. As a 100% subsidiary of the Independent Electricity Transmission Operator, Grid Telecom is IPTO's vehicle to enter the telecommunications market. Taking advantage of the fiber optic network available nationwide by the mother company as well as the international interconnections with the electricity transmission operators of neighboring countries, Grid Telecom provides telecommunication services in the domestic and international market.


Lamda Hellix provides data center services that help businesses and telecommunications providers increase the security and availability of their critical applications, while maintaining the same autonomy and independence as in their own computing environment. The company offers services that cover all stages of a data center, including design, development, installation, commissioning, maintenance and technical support.

Lamda Hellix has facilities and services that meet international standards for hosting disaster recovery centers and points of presence for large organizations in the private and public sector, as well as for telecommunications providers in Southeastern Europe.
With proven experience and the successful implementation of hundreds of projects on its assets, Lamda

Hellix is ​​an award-winning company and one of the leaders in the European market for data center solutions and services.

Lamda Hellix was founded in 2002 and is a private company based in Athens.
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