Space In Substations

Grid Telecom through leasing of dark fiber, offers the possibility of colocating the Customer's active equipment in a secure, specially designed space, either within IPTO’s High Voltage Centers (HVCs) or within Grid Telecom’s shelters.

Συνεγκατάσταση σε Στεγασμένο Χώρο

Grid Telecom provides Colocation services in specially designed areas within IPTO’s HVCs where the optical fiber network runs, with the ability to adapt to the Customer's requirements for the colocation of telecommunications equipment.

The Customer has the ability to install a rack by leasing a corresponding footprint of 30x60 or 60x60 cm from Grid Telecom, or by leasing an entire pre-installed Full Rack with a capacity of 42U or Half Rack with a capacity of 21U.

For the Customer's equipment operation, Grid Telecom provides the required electrical power supply upon agreement with the Customer.

With the provision of Colocation services in a covered area within IPTO’s HVCs the following supplementary services are also provided:

  • Uninterruptible DC or AC power supply supported by batteries and spare generator pair to safeguard against interruptions. The uninterruptible supply generation system is modular and ensures at least N+1 redundancy for the loads it serves.
  • Maintaining room temperature of the equipment areas at 24ºC (with +/- 4ºC deviation). The colocation space is served by two air conditioning units, each of which can cover the entire load.
  • Maintaining relative humidity in the equipment areas at 48% (with +/-20 deviation).
  • Operation of special type fire detection systems with automatic fire suppression systems.
  • Controlled access to the area through access control alarm systems, and CCTV systems
  • Operation and maintenance for the Colocation services offered.

Grid Telecom's Network Operations Center (NOC) with 24×7×365 supervision, ensures smooth operation and secure, controlled access for uninterrupted infrastructure availability at each colocation site.

Συνεγκατάσταση σε Οικίσκο Εξωτερικού Χώρου

With leasing of dark fiber, Grid Telecom offers the possibility of installing the customer's active equipment in a specially configured shelter located within the surrounding area of the IPTO’s HCVs.

The technical specifications of the colocation in outdoor shelters are similar to those of the colocation in indoor areas.