Fiber Optic Lease

Grid Telecom's fiber optic network spans more than 4.000 km (terrestrial and subsea). The optical fibers are largely employing overhead Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) cables, on IPTO’s power grid transmission towers. The available fiber types nationwide are G.652 and G.655.

Grid Telecom's optical fiber network interconnects all carrier neutral open-access Data Centers in Greece, covering the wider areas of Athens and Thessaloniki and extended up to the cross-border crossing points with Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Turkey, while extending its footprint to other international destinations such as Italy, Egypt and elsewhere.

With the long-term lease of Grid Telecom’s optical dark fiber, the Customers can develop an independent private network, which has the ability to be upgraded indefinitely based on its needs.

The service is offered with a long-term Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU) lease, so that the Customer is able to devise and develop a long-term plan.

In order to ensure seamless fiber optic network connectivity over long distances, Grid Telecom offers Colocation services at selected locations to amplify signal transmission while providing a secure and properly configured environment for hosting the Customer's equipment.