About Grid Telecom

Grid Telecom is a Greek company, established in January 2019. A 100% subsidiary company of ADMIE (Independent Power Transmission Operator-IPTO), Grid Telecom is IPTO’s vehicle for providing telecom services to national and international Providers.

· Grid Telecom’s fiber optic network (terrestrial and submarine) exceeds 3000km throughout Greece.

· The expansion of the fiber optic network will exceed 6000km throughout Greece in the next five years, connecting islands with the core network.

Super high-speed capacity services from 10 to 100 Gbps via a state-of-the-art DWDM network accompanied by High Availability Service Level Agreements.
Grid Telecom provides collocation services within protected areas in IPTO’s substation sites across the whole country.
In the near future Grid Telecom will be providing collocation services to mobile telecom operators on IPTO’s Power Towers established throughout Greece.
Map of Fiber Optic Infrastructure
Map of Fiber Optic Infrastructure
Map of Fiber Optic Infrastructure

89 Dyrrachiou St. , 104 43,
Athens , Greece
(+30) 210  5192610

Member of ADMIE S.A. – IPTO